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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why pay more?

Hello All.
I was thinking about what I wanted to write about and decided that I would share with you something that made me very happy when I discovered it. I am so happy when I can find cosmetics at the drugstore that are just as good as the high priced brands. Now this is not to say that I won’t splurge on some higher priced brands I do. MAC is one of those brands, so when I can find something that is just as good or 90% as good, I’m all in.
I have been watching a lot of YouTube video makeup tutorials getting some ideas for some curly hair tutorials on my YouTube channel, just gathering information. Which ones I liked and lighting and the amount of times one person can say “yeah”, “like” and “um”. I love the Irish girls they say “em” instead of “um” and “ye” instead of “you” and mascaaaara, cracks me up. During this research on tutorials on YT, I gathered an enormous amount of information on all things makeup within the YT community and getting something for less makes them happy too. So I thought, maybe my peeps would like some discounted fabulousness in the makeup area, so here I go. I watched a bunch of tut’s that were using these Coastal Scents Palettes. So you know me I got on that and found the site and ordered one to try. I got the 88 palette and had fun with that. Then I started hearing about the 28 Neutral Palette and all the Dupe’s (duplicates) of the MAC shadow were in the 28 and I thought hmmm, I like MAC, so for the price of two MAC eyeshadows I ordered myself one and since the company is in naples we get a discount on shipping $5.50 instead of using fed ex for like $9. And it comes in a day I swear. I watched a lot of videos. I compiled lists, I compared one list to the other, I looked at the Coastal Scents shadows and compared them to actual MAC shadows I own. If I didn’t have it and there was a question in my mind I looked at a website I found that actually swatches all the colors on her skin in daylight and did my own comparison of colors, this is my list based on all that intel from many other sources. If it was too close to call, I list both colors and you can decide.
The 28 Neutral Palette comes in seven rows of four shadows. I am going to list the MAC colors from top to bottom starting from the upper left hand corner:

Naked Lunch/Girly
Sweet Lust
Pink Freeze

Row #2
All that glitters/Jest

Soft Brown
Seedy Pearl


Hep Cat


Beauty Marked
Coastal Scents has a website and you can compare shades at MAC, their shade lists and prices are listed. I hope you found this helpful. I will be featuring other drugstore brands that are as good as in future postings. Let me know if you want me to find lower cost options of an expensive product you like and I will do my best.


  1. Hi Cynthia,
    Great post! Could you say something about the amount of eyeshadow in the pans? How many grams in the coastal scents and how many in the MAC?
    Also, how would you say the quality of the shimmer is? I find for instance the shimmer of the NYX nude on nude pallette a bit coarser than the shimmer of the MAC colors, which are more satiny (is that a word?). How is that with Coastal Scents?
    Thanks for a great review!

  2. Thanks NorthSeaGlass, I checked my MAC shadows and found something interesting. I have some that are older than others and the older ones are 1.5gr of shadow and my new ones are 1.3gr of shadow. I checked Coastal Scents and they are 1.3gr as well. As for the shimmer and I think I can say this because I own some of the MAC colors that are duped in this palette, the shimmer is on par with the MAC. The satin shades are smooth and the shimmer very fine, the more sparkley shades like Beauty Marked are larger but they are similar to the real thing, no bigger for sure but not too small for the impact that shadow is supposed to have either. These shades in particular in this palette are so close, and you are so happy to have saved so much money any slight variation is no big deal. I think you would love it.